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David Hammond Seekola, is a South African of Indian origin born in Durban in October, 1993. He is a producer, composer and violinist. Having spent a considerable amount of time studying the different genres and styles of music like western classical, jazz and popular music, his main focus is film scoring  and music production. He fuses all the elements of his musical and technical education into a unique array of rhythmic and tonal qualities.​


David Hammond Seekola started his music career as a child. He was introduced to the violin when he was 6 years old by world-renowned Canadian violinist Trevor Dick who was touring Durban at that time. His first formal lesson was at 8 years. His first taste of jazz and the “real stage” was at the age of 10, performing with Melvin Peters who is world-acclaimed South African pianist and music lecturer at UKZN. David continued studying classical violin for 6 years whilst at school. After matric he graduated with his Bachelor of Music degree at Tshwane University of Technology (2016). He also played violin with the Pretoria University Orchestra whilst studying Jazz at TUT. This has given him a global perspective of classical and jazz. 

David Hammond Seekola currently works as a freelance music composer and producer. His interest in sound design has opened his composition palette to a more contemporary sound that can be heard throughout his compositions. David's ability to play violin has allowed him to record "live strings" in his compositions, giving him an edge on most composers who only score. Many recordings also feature the unique sound of an octave violin, a prized possession of the contemporary composer which helps him create the sound of a live orchestra.

Hammond is currently working with Fine Tune Music based in Los Angeles writing for TV, as well as a few projects in South Africa, mainly in the gospel environment. He wishes to enhance his abilities by studying in the movie capital of the world - Los Angeles as a means to keeping ahead of the times and thereby adding his valuable contributions as a film scorer and music producer to Africa and the rest of the world.